Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seminary Notes

Matthew 4

Jesus Christ was tempted just like anyone.  The difference was he "paid no heed" to it. He recognized the temptation when it came and he ignored it and told Satan to leave.

Satan came while Christ was fasting and preparing to preach.  He comes even in our spiritual moments.

Matthew 5
1. Hold up the light and share it.

2. Being a light is being confident in Christ; that he has made you what you are and if you truly believe that , you will want to let His light shine through you.

3. To Glorify God.

Matthew 6

In verses 1-18 Christ speaks about prayer, fasting , and alms, bu tth ereal message is deeper. From 1-4 He speaks about humbly giving of yourself to give alms.  To do it in secret instead of showing off to everyone what you doing.  Your heart must be in the right place.  You can not put on a facade for Christ.  He knows the intent of your heart.

If your eye is single to the glory of God you will understand what he wants you to do and how.

Matthew 7

Knowing that the Lord is watching over me and answering my prayers and that ll I need to do is ask, helps me feel more sure and confident and helps my faith grow.  I know that my prayers will be answered.

In order to receive blessing from God I must be truly humble and ask him with a full heart, what is expedient for me.

I have learned that humility is the most vital key to returning to Heavenly Father and that it cannot be done without Christ. No one can make it his own.  Service is the key to humility!

I know that my Savior Jesus Christ knows me as an individual and loves my personality and I know that He is watching over me, anxious for me to make the right decisions.  He came to this earth for me.

My mission in life is to become like Christ through His atonement.

Jesus Christ loves me.  As surely as I need air to breath, He loves me more than my tiny brain can possibly fathom.  There are billions beyond billions of other worlds, let alone people. He sent me here on this earth with a plan specific for me and my needs.  He is not going to abandon me.  Only I can leave Him.  Knowing this helps me to search the scriptures with a yearning heart and to put my heart into everything I do.  If I truly love the Lord, I will show him through my actions.



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  1. Oh, Risa, how I love you and your strength! Your sweet testimony is still blessing my life. I look forward to the day I can hug my beautiful little sister again.